How to leave Canada (aka "Canuckistan") if you are unvaccinated.

Updated: Feb 1

Having spent much of my life in Canada, I am greatly disappointed as to how far our once great nation has fallen. I think this is currently the case for most western countries. Australia is a prime example of this. Imagine that you cannot leave your own country (for most people) even if you are fully vaccinated... This is madness! Many "democratic" countries are now marching down a path of socialist / dictatorship values and as history has shown, this rarely ends well... I suggest getting your PLAN B in order, NOW!

Now, a little of my backstory: I started diversifying myself globally many years ago and have several residencies, foreign properties, bank accounts and so on, as part of my PLAN B. I have spent over 6 years living in Mexico but returned to Canada with my teenage kids in mid 2020 so they could experience the beauty of Canada. But less than 1 year later, during the Covid 19 pandemic, they badly wanted to return to Mexico. They missed the Mexican culture, their friends, food, warm weather, great beaches, especially their private school, that had a close community vibe do it and so on... And in July 2021 we came back to Merida, Yucatan (Which is also the safest state in Mexico).

The challenge now for unvaxxed Canadians is getting out of Canuckistan! Here are the latest Canadian government updates on their website. The situation is fluid and am sure will be updated from time to time.

As of today, a Canadian cannot leave Canada by land or air if they are not vaccinated (there are some exceptions). So if you are desperate to get out, I know of some people who are using the sailing / boating option. Sounds crazy right ?! Now you know how the Cubans feel! It really is like you are trying to escape from a communist ruler. If I was in Canada right now and wanted to leave, I would sail up to Mexico.

In my biased (yet humble) opinion, Mexico is one of the best and freest countries to live in right now. You do not even need a Covid test to fly in! Vaccinations are not mandated and are optional here. Cost of living is very low (if you stay out of the tourist traps), quality of life is very high, safety is actually very good in many areas (don't let mainstream fear porn freak you out), Mexicans generally are very warm and kind, you can easily fly to Canada, USA and internationally from Mexico city airport.

If you really want to get out of Canada then I suggest you join these groups below on Telegram and connect with people that share your goals, as well and you can connect with your water loving countrymen who have the boats to help you escape.

These are Telegram links (install PC or mobile versions)

Sailing away from Canada:

Escaping Canada:

But BEFORE you jump on a sailboat, I strongly suggest you research your residency options. As most countries will only grant you a visitor visa that would be valid for up to 6 months, at which time you would be required to leave. Ideally you want want your foreign residency in hand before leaving. In the case of Mexico, you normally should apply for your residency from a Mexican consulate in Canada before leaving to start the process properly.

List of Mexican consulate locations in Canada.

Permanent residency requirements for Mexico.

Of course you have a lot of homework ahead of you, but as a wise man once said: "The longest journey begins with a single step." I think the biggest risk for Canadians right now, is if Justin Trudeau puts Canada into a full lockdown like Australia.

Another options to consider is that if you have retirement income or an online business, there are strategies you can use to legally minimize and in some cases eliminate most of the taxes you pay. But this is far more complex and would require an in-depth analysis and strategy session.

Keep in mind that: It is too late to buy house insurance once your roof is on fire... I am smelling the smoke, are you? Get going on your PLAN B before it's too late.

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