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The West is falling... what are you going to do about it?

If you are reading this, I am guessing you already sense it. Just like certain animals can sense an impending natural disaster, I think we as humans have a sense on a consciousness level that some shit is about to go down... But sometimes our logical minds can try to disregard these signals. Many of the signs are blatant and in your face such as do you REALLY think this will improve or get worse now that we have Covid-19 lockdowns, businesses are being shut down, governments are printing money with reckless abandon and so on... And who do you think will pay for it?

Listen to your instincts, gut and heart. It "knows" far deeper than your mind.

I have been sensing this on a personal level since 2012 and have taken global diversification actions since then and now Covid-19 seems to be pushing us to an inflection point where there is no turning back. If you have not started on your PLAN B, your time is running out... I think we will soon see much higher taxes, less freedoms and so on. The way I look at this situation, is that it's like house insurance. And it's too late to buy house insurance once your roof is on fire. I am smelling the smoke. Are you?

Part of your PLAN B can be an off-grid home or bolt-hole you can escape to if your western governments go into full lockdown or maybe its a condo, tiny home you can rent out for cashflow and visit for vacations if things stay relatively normal. I suggest you start researching and visiting countries of interest. An extra residency, bank account and if you can afford it, a property in a country that suits your values and goals. Right now Americans are banned from much of the world due to Covid. But if you have a 2nd residency or passport you would have far more options and freedoms. Do not be one of the mass of people rushing for the fire exits if we get a Covid-20 that is far more lethal... It will be too late then.

There are many countries that have easy residency options if you have retirement income, some savings or even a steady paycheck. Digital nomads and global citizens are being welcomed by more and more governments who recognize the economic benefits of rolling out the welcome mat to this sector. For example in Panama, the Friendly Nations visa would cost you under $13,000 including legal fees and the $5000 bank deposit, which you can withdraw once you have your permanent residency card.

So how do you start if you are new to all this? STEP ONE - TAKE ACTION! I suggest educate yourself with books and there are some great YouTube videos on this subject. The 3 books I would recommend to get you started on this journey are these:

Expat Secrets - Mikkel Thorup

Nomad Capitalist - Andrew Henderson How to Retire Overseas - Kathleen Peddicord

They also have podcats or YouTube channels. Follow them and learn about this.

Welcome to my blog.

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